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Therapeutic Massage by Scott

Spiritual Healing

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Introduction to ThetaHealing™

FOX News footage of Theta Healing success.

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ThetaHealing combines the awareness of Quantum Physics and Metaphysics through a sacred, ancient Art of remote viewing done through a form of prayer in a theta brainwave state (4-7 cycles/second).  This can be utilized on yourself, your clients, friends and family. It is simple, easy, and dynamic as it is based in Love and Integrity connected to Creator/Source All-That-IS.

This amazing work was developed by Vianna Stibal, a naturopath, minister and intuitive, through her own miraculous healing of bone cancer (leukemia) in 1995, and through her continuous connection with Creator/Source All-That-IS to bring forth all the levels of ThetaHealing that is offered today.

Body Scanning and Healing

The simplicity of ThetaHealing™ occurs as the trained practitioner quickly and easily drops into a theta brainwave state in seconds. By shifting into this deep, alternate state, set into action by a prayer command, the practitioner can move his/her consciousness into the client's body (with permission) for purposes of viewing physical, emotional, and spiritual "projects." This is done by witnessing Creator ALL-That-IS change the misaligned creation in the body. These prayers (commands) can be used to connect and speak with Creator ALL-That-Is, activate the DNA, change genetic conditions as well as diseases and structural misalignments, view Guardian Angels and Guides, talk to the "Higher Self", view the possibilities of the future, bend time, manifest in new ways, provide Unconditional Love healing, and change beliefs on four complete levels as well as 'old' commitments, vows, oaths and hampering programs.   Additionally, Creator's healings can remove radiation, emotional hooks, waywards, entities, curses, psychic attacks, and non-medical implants (without surgery).  Anything can change in the Highest and Best way through All-that-Is including inanimate objects.

In many Shamanic or psychic practices, these healings often take a long time to learn and to witness the effects on others. With ThetaHealing™, the speed of change goes very quickly because at the level of ALL-That-IS, change is all that exists...instaneously.

Connecting and communing at the
7th Plane of Existence, I am respectful of whatever I am shown and advised by the Creator-of-ALL. Many times, a client has a difficult time accepting that s/he can heal instantaneously, having deep-held beliefs about how change and growth are to appear. I use sensitivity in guiding them to their fears and programs through the Four Level Belief Work. This allows a quickening so a true and permanent change will occur.


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  3. FOX News footage of Theta Healing success

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