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Therapeutic Massage by Scott

What to Expect from ThetaHealing

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 Certified Intuitive Medical Healer


What to Expect After You’ve Received a ThetaHealing™

You may feel a shift, or you may not feel anything in particular during or right after your session. Your energy will have changed, but whether you feel or retain this depends on several things. For example, you must know how to know and what it feels like when something subtle or not so subtle changes in you. Some of us lack this, and it can be installed by the ThetaHealing™ practitioner as a teaching.

Another is that you must have the appropriate beliefs that allow you to retain your healing. At the end of your first session, especially, your practitioner may run through a list of such beliefs to make sure that they are all installed.  For example, some of us subconsciously believe that we are not worthy to accept or retain our healing, that it is right to give our healing away to someone needier, that it isn’t safe to stay healed, etc. These negative programs must be pulled and replaced for you to keep your healing.

Also, you must follow through. Your ThetaHealing™ has freed you from limiting past beliefs, but these can be recreated if you choose to react in various situations in the ways you always have before. That is, before your beliefs were changed, you were compelled to react in a certain way in a certain kind of situation. Now, you have the freedom to respond differently. Be aware of that and use it to empower yourself!

Every ThetaHealing™ is successful, though not every healing is a cure. Creator decides what to actually give the client, and the client decides through the openness of his/her energy what to accept and reject. Also, sometimes what you ask for is not in your highest and best interest, so something different may occur.

The more ThetaHealing™ you receive, either from yourself or from another practitioner (it’s generally thought to be harder to work on yourself than to work on others, though I haven’t found this to be the case), the more you will feel the cumulative force of the changes and the more quickly and effectively you will take on, integrate, and utilize these changes.