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Therapeutic Massage by Scott

Massage Information

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There are close to 200 different types or modalities of massage therapy.  
Massages are predominately performed manually, but sometimes by using mechanical devices. Professional massage therapists, known as male masseurs and female masseuses, usually have their clients lie on tables on sit upright in a massage chair.  There are many styles of massage.  Listed below are descriptions of some of the most popular styles.
Types of Massages

What happens when I get a massage?


Everyone is different.  We carefully customize the right massage treatment to best fit your needs, and at a affordable rate. Great care and special attention is given, particularly to those with injuries, ailments, and the elderly. The following is what one could expect at a massage appointment.

  • A 1-hour massage therapy session consists of 5 minutes of one on one consultation, 50 minutes of hands-on massage, and 5 minutes of dressing.

Explore the benefits to unlocking a more healthy, energetic, and stress free lifestyle. 

Massage Envy


Benefits of Massage Therapy

Relieves Stress , Encourages Relaxation , Helps Manage Pain , Improves Flexibility and Range of Motion , Relaxes Muscles , Lowers Blood Pressure

  • The massage you are given is very relaxing which can help ease your stress levels.
  • Being massaged can be like passive exercise because it can help improve your body circulation.
  • Having your body rubbed in a therapeutic way can reduce pain caused by sore or stiff muscles.
  • Massage helps with pain management. Come in for a massage on a regular schedule and you'll usually really notice an easing of pain levels.
  • Being massaged may help with insomnia. Many of my clients sleep during parts of their massage. And, they usually sleep better at night for a while after.
  • A good body rub feels good and can brighten your mood. When you are happier it can help other people in your life be happy too.
  • Massage techniques can increase lymph flow and can help decrease congested conditions in the body.
  • Being massaged satisfies a desire for touch. To be touched and to touch can be an important part of life.
  • Flexibility and range of motion can be helped during and after massages. Let your massage therapist know if you'd like extra stretching and range of motion work during your massage.
  • Massage is good to pamper yourself and feel more relaxed. You deserve a massage, so go get one.
  • Massage is also good for general well being of your health.
  • Health is important to keep tuned up, and massage makes a great way to tune up your body.
  • Good massage can enhance your immune system.
  • Regular massages can help you with stress management.
  • Massage can soothe your body muscles that have been under stress. Many times when muscles have been under stress and strain there is pain created. Massage can help ease sore muscles so they're not so much in pain.
  • Back pain is a major complaint among people and massage can be a healing way to feel better.
  • Massage can be like a meditation for your body.
  • If you play sports for your health, massage can be a very effective way to help you keep your muscles and body working in peak muscle and health fitness.
  • Regular massage can be a great way to help keep your body in good health.

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