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Therapeutic Massage by Scott

Theta Healing in America

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Watch live reports on this wonderful healing process.

Theta Healing, also known as Theta DNA Healing or the Orion Technique, is the simplest, most elegant and most effective healing technique that I have ever come across. It combines both science and spirituality and yet is extremely practical and pragmatic in its application.

Perhaps the best thing about it is that EVERYONE CAN DO IT!

It was developed by naturopath and medical intuitive and healer, Vianna Stibal, who created a model of what she instinctively did when healing her clients and then refined and added to the model over a period of years to give us the technique we have today. It is a technique that is at the same time very ancient but also very modern.

The process involves entering a Theta brainwave state in which it is possible to connect to the Source energy and by the application of quantum physics to change in an instant thought patterns that might have been held for years or even generations and by changing these thought patterns or beliefs to manifest a different reality.

It is now becoming accepted that our thought patterns change our body chemistry and even our DNA and that negative thoughts and beliefs can create disease and emotional problems so, once negative and unhelpful beliefs or thoughts are changed, the disease or problem they have created can no longer persist – THINGS HAVE TO CHANGE?

In a Theta healing session the aim is therefore to uncover the negative beliefs that have led to the current problem and to change them instantly, replacing them with positive and helpful ones that will nurture and support us.

As far as our daily lives are concerned, we create our own realities from the core beliefs that we hold. For example someone who has a core belief of “I am unlovable” will go through life not feeling loved, no matter how many people try to love them along the way. How wonderful to be able to change “I am unlovable” to “I am truly loved” and to see the shift in the world about us…….

Just imagine the possibilities for change! And, by the way, we all have these limiting beliefs. Some of them may not even be ours but may have been passed down to us by our parents or our culture but they affect us nevertheless. Do you recognise any of these?:

  • All men are lazy.
  • Women are unreliable.
  • Rich people aren’t nice people.
  • People like us never get rich.
  • I am too stupid to get on in life.
  • You get fat when you get to forty.
  • All the men in our family die of a heart attack at fifty.

Imagine the impact these have upon our lives!

It is also possible to use the Theta technique to scan inside the body and to promote healing once the underpinning beliefs have been changed.

As the World changes and we want to have everything instantly, Theta healing offers a method of rapid healing as well as an opportunity to change ourselves and our lives for the better and to evolve our consciousness so that we can reach our true potential and create a wonderful reality for ourselves and those around us.

It is truly amazing!