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Therapeutic Massage by Scott


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The Seven Planes (or Realms) of Existence are the totality of the One Creator in Its limitless expression of Creation. We operate physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually as part of and connected to all the Planes. Every Plane is working in our body in complete harmony to create life at all times.

It is important to understand the Planes of Existence in order to clarify why and where our beliefs, programs, contracts, commitments and initiations originate. This is not just our personal programming but planetary and spiritual programs that are embedded in the collective group consciousness.

Since all Planes can be used consciously by humanity, the Planes must be respected for the consciousness that they bring forth. Every plane brings forth their ability to heal. Every healing modality and practitioner taps into the Planes. But not all tap directly into the 7th Plane first. 

Why do ThetaHealers go to the 7th Plane to view and witness first?  Each Plane has an increasing movement of atomic structure. Our human body vibrates at a certain rate; and if we travel to or do healings from a particular plane, it makes it difficult for the body to keep up.  Going to the 7th plane first:

              * eliminates ego and sickness

              * allows us to witness healings w/o distress or hardship on our body

              * allows us to know the Highest Truth

              * aligns us to travel to any Plane so that we can move between the Planes with consciousness and communication with       

                  physical elements. 

              * stops us from being committed or obligated to the laws or rules of other Planes of Existence  


As a ThetaHealing™ intuitive, I use my abilities of deep focus to tap into the Seventh Plane, and in doing so, I can view and visit any of the Planes.  It's like having a non-stop flight eliminating regulated layovers that aren't part of my direct landing. And then if I want to travel more after arriving at my original destination point, I know that I've been connected first and am free to travel unemcumbered with the freedom and compassion of the 7th Plane of  Creation. Having these constant interactions with the Planes, in moving from the 7th Plane, it becomes clear which Plane each healing modality sources from. We are so blessed to be aware and receive the gifts of creativity from each of these Planes.

The Planes of Existence are divided into 12 degrees which are again divided into 12 systems. There are numerous sub-categories. In many "New Age/Thought" writings, dimensions are often referred to in a similar way as Planes of Existence. An example would be that we are living in the 3rd dimension when it is really the 3rd Plane. In the 'order' of Creation, dimensions actually exist within the 6th Plane.

In working with the Planes, we will be able to understand how we are actually sourcing from more than one Plane at a time--a marriage of the Planes. Each Plane has an interchangeable consciousness which works between another Plane. This will be exemplified below.

seven planes of existence

The First Plane of Existence: is Mother Earth power. This Plane consists of non-organic matter which exists without Carbon molecules. Examples of this composition are rocks, minerals, crystals, and Earth (soil). Taking mineral supplements, which is based from this Plane, helps support our physical structure/bodies.
     The interchanging of consciousness between the Planes is exemplified  through the connection of rock being composed of slow moving atoms. Atoms come from the Sixth Plane awareness--the Laws of Creation.

     Water, which exists and works on the first three planes, is charged from electrons created at the 6th plane.

The Second Plane of Existence: is a sacred dance created between the plant beings along with the earth/air spirits to interconnect between the First and Third plane of Existence and transmigrate the life force to be utilized by the animals.
     This Plane includes Organic matter-- plants (live off Light and air and are highly evolved), herbs, trees, vitamins, viruses, bacteria, mold, yeast, and fungus. Some feelings/emotions can come from this plane as well. As mentioned from the First Plane, water resonates at this level as well.

The Third Plane of Existence: is an illusion, the reality being what we, as humans, create in it. It is playground to work with emotions, passion and creative thought forms. Fear is the only thing that keeps us thinking that we are bound to it. The more beliefs we have Creator change, the faster we can shift through all the Planes freely, no longer held by Karma (the law of cause and effect from the 6th Plane).
     Animals also exist in this Plane.

Between Third and Fourth: is where waywards (discarnate spirits) get "stuck" between Earth and the electromagnetic grid/energy (Laws of Universe--6th plane).

The Fourth Plane of Existence: is where totems (animal spirits) and many ancestors' spirits reside. People who work constantly on this Plane are called Shamans. It is the plane where the soul waits to take form again (reincarnate) and genetic beliefs occur.
     Levels of Initiations are often worked on from this Plane, and with them, come many limiting belief systems. Examples of commitments that come from this plane are having to give up or take on something.
"I have to give up my senses--eyes, ears, voice etc--to heal."
"I have to suffer to learn/grow."
"The more power I get, the weaker my body becomes."

"To embrace punishment shows my strength."
"I must die and return to spiritually grow."

"It's  impossible to heal others for money, only trade."
     These commitments show why certain Shamans feel they must take on the ailments of their sick ones. With the changing of our thought constructs, these deep commitments no longer have to be created or accepted as the Highest Truth.
      Language originates from the Fourth Plane and is used by Third Plane inhabitants. There was a time when we once could hear and see all--we would just "know" without the use of language.

The Fifth Plane of Existence: is the astral plane based in dualism--of both love and fear, where the battle of good and evil (or extreme adversity) is fought. It is the realm of the the Gods & Goddesses, Guardian Angels, Legions of Angels, Guides, Christ, Buddha, Jehovah, Yahweh, Heavenly Mother and Father, Councils of 12, Fallen Angels, demons, psychic surgery and group collective consciousness.
     Ancient history commitments such as Oaths and Vows of poverty, chastity, celibacy are found on this Plane.
     An example of beliefs from this Plane are trading one power for another, having to prove oneself right or battle against an opposing force with sacrifice.
"Transitions have to be dramatic/ hard/ difficult."
"I have to be alone to be close to God"
"I have to suffer to prove myself to God."
"I have to punish myself to grow and progress."

" I have to sacrifice my life to save the world."

"I have to sacrifice myself to know I'm loved by others."

"I need pain to gain."

" I go through hell and high water to live each day."

"I have to battle evil." 

"I'm a warrior/warrioress for God."

The Sixth Plane of Existence: involves the Laws of Creation which regulates and balances the very fabric of Creation-pure Truth and accountability without any adversarial position. There are billions of Laws some of which are Light (color), Sound (tone), Karma (cause and effect), Time, Balance, Gravity, Magnetics, and Electricity. It also includes the formation and awareness of numbers, which can be expressed as patterns and symbols (Sacred Geometry, astrology and numerology). Dimensions are under this plane. The
Akashic Records are within the 6th Plane.

The Seventh Plane of Existence: is where The Creator, All-That-Is, ALL of Creation exists and creates all the other Planes. It can be tapped into and understood as the Highest Truth and Pure Love.  In working from this connection, we can witness the gathering of energy and how it is utilized to co-create with the Creator--to manifest spontaneously, to witness instant healings, to change any thought form (illusion) with the absolute energy of love and joy immediately. It is "The Awakened State."
     The more people who tap into the Group Collective Consciousness to witness change at this Seventh Plane, the easier it will be to shift human consciousness. We can evolve together and have instantaneous healings all the time.