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Therapeutic Massage by Scott

Tantra Massage

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Tantric Massage is merely an application of Tantra. 


Tantra in and of itself is a form of meditation and can also be classified as a religious practice.


Tantra is merely enjoying life to the fullest without boundaries. It is living in the here and now so as to experience the full spectrum of energy that arises when things happen.


It is keeping the mind empty of past and future occurrences and the flood of alternate resolutions and realities that accompany them so that we may load our psyche with the full spectrum of the present and in there so doing fully experience the beauty that is here and now.


The philosophy of Tantra lies in direct contradiction to today's western society especially that of the United States of America. In the US we are always trying to lose weight, gain weight, grow hair, remove hair, lighten the color of our skin, darken the color of our skin, make more money, etc. etc. etc.


The forces that be in US society are always trying to promote a conflict within us or one that is looming overhead which if not dealt with in a prescribed fashion may destroy our jubilant way of life. This is done for the most part by the media. It is by doing this that they exert a certain control over our level of autonomy and self worth. By maintaining this conflict we seek salvation through the accumulation of various goods and services which according to the placement of well engineered media campaigns would help us resolve the conflict which ironically created it to begin with.


What all of this has done is weighted the accumulation of material possession as better than love and companionship.


The one cure to resolve these supposed conflicts and also prevent them from ever appearing (no matter what the wishes of the powers that be are) is a full experience of unhindered unsheathed sexual energy.


The goal of Gay Tantra however is having a orgasm on a mental, spiritual and oftimes physical level all AT THE SAME TIME!


To truly become proficient at this, one must practice, practice, and practice!!!


Tantra What it Can Do for You