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Therapeutic Massage by Scott

Tantra What it Can Do for You

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My Session

My sessions of erotic touch, mind/body positioning and regulated breathing exercises (Prananyama) will take your senses and your mind to places they've probably never gone before!  

Through my directed sessions I hope to ease any internal conflicts which may be gnawing away at your very being. This is an era, specifically your era of utter awakening. It is your time to become the free spirit that you were upon entry into this biosphere. 

By confronting and thus eliminating any and all shame and again becoming one with the spirit of the earth, the enlightenment you will feel could be compared to having one CONTINUAL MIND BLOWING FULL BODY ORGASM after the other.  

In order to achieve this I design the sessions to the specific physical and emotional needs of each client. Therefore the more detail you give me about the experience you are looking for, the better I will be able to accommodate you.  

If you personally are experiencing a "crisis", you will find that one of my sessions provides an "escape" so you can regain your thoughts and composure.

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