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My Theta Training

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 Certified Intuitive Medical Healer


In March of 2008, I was trained by Master Judy Dragon, C.H.T., Minister, who was trained in the art of Theta Healing in June of 1998, by Vianna Stibal, a naturopath and medical intuitive, and founder of ThetaHealing.(

These were among Vianna's  first workshop to Northern California teaching the Theta/DNA activation and other spiritual healing techniques. 
Judy's ThetaHealing Education and Certifications:

* In June '98, I was in Vianna's first class outside of Idaho in Sebastopol, Ca.

*In July 1998, I was asked by Vianna to start teaching the Basic Theta/DNA 1 course.

* In October '98 and May '99, I hosted Vianna to teach the start of her Theta/DNA- 2 course centered around the Gene Replacement

* In January 2000, I was invited to assist Vianna in Los Angeles and receive the new information on the emerging Four Level Belief Work.

*In June 2000, I received my official Basic Theta/DNA 1 Teacher's Certification from Vianna.

*In January 2001, I assisted Vianna in a Basic Theta/DNA 1 in Union City, CA.

*In June of 2001, I assisted Vianna in the second Basic teachers' training in Idaho.

*In June of 2002, I spent three weeks in Idaho participating in Vianna's Intuitive Anatomy Training to further attune and advance my intuitive abilities within the body.

*In September of 2003, I hosted Vianna in Santa Rosa, CA. so she could present her new DNA Advanced Seminar.

* In February of 2005, I attended Vianna's first DNA Advanced Teachers Seminar in Los Angeles.

* In July of 2005, I completed another 3-week Intuitive Anatomy Training so that I could move through my own personal initiations and process with grace and ease to better assist my clients.

* In November 2005, I received my 3rd Basic Teacher's certification . 

* In July '07, I completed another 3-week Intuitive Anatomy intensive 

* In September 2007, I became certified to teach the Abundance and Manifestation worskhop. 

* I received another Basic and Advanced Teachers Recertification in November 2007.

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