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Intuitive Healing Center

Theta Healing Courses

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ThetaHealing Workshops


Theta/DNA workshops are dynamic in that they continually evolve as information is tapped into by Vianna. Her refinement of this information continues to make the sharing of ThetaHealing easier to understand and to practice.


Are you ready to release your fears and resistances and allow in joy, clarity, and abundance in your life? Are you tired of self-limiting patterns that sabotage your dreams?


Whatever area of your life you are having difficulty in, whether relational, financial, spiritual, physical, emotional, mental or energetic, through a simple, yet breathtaking energy healing technique called ThetaHealing you can experience instant healing.


ThetaHealing quickly reveals systems or beliefs, showing the body how to replace limiting beliefs or feelings with positive ones. You find yourself experiencing mental clarity, emotional well being, and with the ability to manifest abundance and prosperity in all areas of your life. In fact, our Manifesting and Abundance Workshop guarantees an 80% boost in your income! You Can Change Your Life Right NOW.




 Awaken To The Real You.

 Release Self-Limiting Beliefs and Judgments

 Boost Your Financial Prosperity

 Abundantly Manifest Life Long Dreams

 Allow Joy, Prosperity, and Love into your Life

 Connect With Your Inner Guidance



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