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What is ThetaHealing?

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What is Theta DNA healing?
Theta DNA healing can be described as the practical application of applied quantum physics.
Though luckily it is a technique that does not require an understanding of theory or scientific disciplines but is learnt through practice.  Knowing how it works is not as important as doing it.  Rather than using the rational, intellectual level of consciousness, it requires the development of flexibility and extension of consciousness.
Theta healing, also known as the Orian (or Orion) technique, has been developed over a 10 year period by naturopath and intuitive psychic Vianna Stibal, who discovered this process when she was instantly healed of cancer (purchase Vianna’s latest book 'Theta Healing' here).
Theta DNA healing teaches a system that can be easily applied when practiced.  Going beyond time and space, reaching the Source, the place of limitless possibilities, witnessing and co-creating reality, being the observer.
What a truly miraculous system of healing and transformation Theta DNA is.

It's quick and effective
For many like myself who have been on a long journey of self discovery, self improvement and healing it seemed almost too good to be true to discover a system that heals and transforms in moments.
We are living in changing times and it seems essential that a system like this has to become available to as many people as possible if we are to create a better world for the future.
The real beauty of this system is that anyone can learn how to do it.  Concepts that I learnt as a psychotherapist and hypnotherapist are easily put into action using these techniques, with remarkable results.

Pulling out problems from the root
We are all becoming more and more aware of the power of the mind and its role in creating our reality.  There are many books, lectures, therapists and healers available to help us become more mindful, more positive.
But as any good gardener knows, if you don't pull the weeds out by the roots, then try as you might to plant new seedlings eventually 'that weed' will reappear destroying all the hard work and good intentions.
Theta DNA digs out the root of the problem, pulling it out completely.  The effects are felt immediately.  Experiencing change at all levels, people who have problems affecting them physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually find quick and permanent relief.

Limitless Possibilities
Theta DNA Healing holds infinite possibilities.  There is no limit to what it can do and to what can be achieved by utilising its methods.  It is safe and effective and has a purity that has to be experienced to be understood.
In these changing times we can be quick to realise what is holding us back, whether it's a relationship or a job or maybe other choices we made.  All choices are made from our particular viewpoint at a particular time based around the beliefs we hold.  Beliefs we hold shape our reality and by changing beliefs held at all levels, consciousness shifts and a new reality is created.

Past patterns and programs
Blocks - the beliefs we have that hold us back, are dissolved, cleared, pulled like a weed from the soil and a new positive thought/ belief instantly replaces it.  The replacement belief is one that supports the greater unfoldment of the individual, a positive replacement that encourages health, happiness and joy.
Clearing unwanted beliefs on four levels and replacing them with beliefs that work to enable anyone to tune in to their true potential is easy with Theta DNA healing.
"If it's holding you back then pull it out!"

The 4 Levels
Core - From when you are conceived to now.
Genetic - Generations of gifts and baggage handed down to you.
History - Oaths, vows, karmic contracts, trauma, lessons learned and so on.  This includes past lives you have actually lived, in a human body, as well as in a spiritual body.  Any issues witnessed and absorbed between lifetimes, as we worked as guardian angels and spirit guides to others.  Soul fragments we may have left with others for various reasons.  (You do not need to believe in past lives or reincarnation for these techniques to be effective.)
Soul - The real you.  This is the part of you who continues on after the human body dies.
Learning to enter the Theta brain wave enables you to transform emotional blocks, clear limiting genetic and family patterns and beliefs, heal physical ailments down to the cellular level of DNA.
It is a no-nonsense, pragmatic and clear method which you can apply anywhere, in any situation, to bring relief, clarity and healing.

Life beyond the blockage
Theta DNA Healing is a powerful new healing method that allows us to tackle our physical health and wellbeing directly in different ways.  Physically, we can scan the body (our own or another person's) and heal ailments that we see there.  We can heal the DNA where energies have impacted and changed it, carrying past physical traumas or emotional patterns into the physical body.  We can also clear those unconscious core beliefs that stop us fulfilling ourselves.  Freeing ourselves of negative core beliefs releases the flow of energy held in these blockages, healing us physically, emotionally and spiritually.  Most amazing is the capacity to activate dormant DNA strands and to increase the higher light entering our physical bodies.
Sounds too good to be true... try it, you'll be amazed!