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Intuitive Healing Center

Core Beliefs

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The Four Level Belief (Reprogramming) Work not only expedites the awareness of the Theta DNA Activation process, but accelerates the release of unconscious and dysfunctional programs, beliefs, past commitments, vows, oaths and contracts that no longer serve us for our highest and best good.

If you are ready to take full responsibility for your life, ready to understand and change the beliefs that keep recreating themselves, whether they are repressed, unconscious or remembered, and move through the process quickly, then I can help to assist you in this transformation. This process is completely directed and guided by the Creator, All-that-Is.

Kinesiology methods (which can be done in person or remotely over the phone) are used to test the client's responses through the body so that there is verification and a physical demonstration of which beliefs are true. This will be indicated on four levels of the process. The client must be well hydrated, and this is easily checked through the kinesiology process as well.

As a certified and trained practitioner and instructor, I use my communication skills and inner awareness to listen to what the client is saying about his/her life story and what lies hidden underneath, gleaning the words of the belief statements and programs, and then asking questions to quickly help the deeper spiraling to the Key beliefs. Oftentimes, in the process of connecting links attached to the beliefs, deeply embedded feelings and unconscious memories surface for release. Once the Key beliefs are discovered, permission is asked if the client would like them changed by the Creator's replacement. I am the witness, not the "replacer" or "reprogrammer." My experience of recognizing the Key Beliefs and seeing them change is like watching a thread pull from the hem of a pant's leg or a potato sack--it just quickly and easily opens without effort, pulling through each stitch (belief) without all the beliefs having to be reprogrammed individually. This is why the process goes quickly--four levels of many beliefs are replaced at one time.

The Four Levels, with examples of accepted beliefs, are shared below. I've chosen the topic of finances or abundance, as it is a common theme of imbalance for many people. Any of these belief statements could actually be interchangeable or show up at any of the levels; but for easy association, I have given simple examples to make the process more understandable.

  1. Core Beliefs: This level has beliefs that have been held on the subconscious mind from the time of childhood.
  2. Genetic Beliefs: This level is recorded in the morphogenetic field and DNA. This is a ancestral memory. It is a core belief, believed to be more than two generations old.
  3. History Level: This level has deep genetic witness memories, or it concerns past lives.
  4. Soul Level: This is the deepest level. Our souls are still learning, and can be redirected. If the person holds programs on more than one level, the soul may be affected.

The Core Beliefs come from this lifetime--from fetal memory to Now time--and are repatterned in the neurons of the brain. (e.g. I am undeserving of abundance and prosperity.)

Sometimes the core beliefs "layer" down into the Genetic lineage what our parents and ancestors believed. At this level, through our genes and its morphogenetic field (emotional field around genes), the emotional and somatic patterns, conditions and diseases, can be replaced and reprogrammed or resolved. (e.g. "To be poor is to be close to God" could show up in deeply religious or spiritual ancestral lineages)
genetic mandala

Going deeper, misaligned beliefs, programs and commitments can also be found on the history or "past life" level and are able to be resolved. (e.g. "I have an oath or vow of poverty" as many of us had "past lives" in religious or spiritual orders.)

Even our souls have taken on lessons/feelings that are able to be changed. (e.g. "Life is a struggle" when the soul could easily learn from fun and adventure)

There is also a very quick 'encodement' of Creator All-that-IS in teaching the person what a concept feels like and how to work with it, as often the cells and consciousness do not even know what something is. Some people have never known unconditional love, financial abundance or how to live without struggle. These teachings, and many more of this type, can easily be witnessed moving through the client once commanded.

It has been reported that releasing and reprogramming of these emotional belief levels has resulted in eliminating certain diseases as well as positively changing and rebalancing the body physically and emotionally.

Sessions are scheduled for a minimum of an hour. Sometimes an entire belief lineage can be changed during this time; but more often, it may take several sessions to reprogram a deeply held belief and its linkages. There are many areas of beliefs that clients have chosen to change, some of which include beliefs about love, acceptance, connection to Creator, creativity, self-sabotage/abusive patterns, money, relationships, health, weight, worthiness, careers, purpose, abilities, loss, boundaries, discernment, and empowerment.

From this work, we fully recognize that we are no longer limited, or victims to our past. We can now become sovereign, unburdened, and accountable in a new way, to positively create a life and world that aligns with the Highest and Best for all. Our lessons or initiations don't have to be a struggle or difficult. Life becomes an adventure, and we can make it up as we go. We become the co-creators with the Creator to shift in love, to recreate the old paradigms and to enjoy and play in the journey of life.