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Therapeutic Massage by Scott

Prostate Massage

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Prostate Massage
also know as Male "G" Spot Massage

Sessions $65/60mins or $100/90mins

Massage of the prostate, or Male "G" Spot, can be a very pleasurable and healthy experience! Massage of this gland releases toxins and negative energies that are trapped in the tissues and cells. If done correctly, prostate massage can help prevent prostate cancer.

The prostate sits under the bladder and in alignment with the navel. Because men vary in shape and size, the exact position will also vary. Care should be utilized in locating the gland.

Make sure hands are thoroughly cleansed as to not transmit germs to this area. Use a natural lubricant (nothing with additives) if needed. Insert the finger into the anal canal until you locate the prostate, which will feel like a round or egg shaped ball under the skin of the anal wall and towards the navel. Massage this area back and forth and in small circular motions, clockwise, then counter clockwise.

Massage of the Male G Spot can be a particularly pleasurable experience if done by one's lover. If the exercise is performed by the lover, the male can lay either on his back or stomach, whichever position yields itself to an easier reach.

Men who are experiencing problems of any nature with the prostate gland should not perform this exercise.

Massage or stimulation of the prostate gland, either for medical purposes or sexual enjoyment. The two terms are somewhat interchangeable, although "milking" is more commonly used in a context of erotic sexual denial and "massage" more in the medical context of relieving prostatitis, or in the sexual context of anal sex.
The prostate is a part of male sexual response, and a key contributor to male orgasm. Located adjacent to the rectum, it can be stimulated manually through anal masturbation or through anal sex. Sexual fluids collected in the prostate are released during orgasm. In many males the prostate is highly sensitive to repeated touch, which can trigger orgasm. Prostate massage thus refers to any action which stimulates the gland. Prostate milking more usually refers to the specific sexual practice of relieving the buildup of seminal fluids within the prostate, and discharging them by means of massage without orgasm or ejaculation.

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