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Therapeutic Massage by Scott

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Touch of Sun Herbs believes that disease is a teacher. Understanding the gift of any disease is facilitated by our remedies. “Pathfinder” formulas are designed to assist in the recovery process from harmful addictions and their accompanying behavioral patterns.


$10.95 1 oz ea

This Bach Flower combination is specifically designed to help with the emotional attachments and dependencies of addictions. ADDICTION addresses the different aspects of the psyche which are prone to seek harmful substances for an escape. It helps overcome the repetitive behavior which drives addicts back into their habit. Cherry Plum enables the individual to regain self control. Chestnut Bud helps the individual to remember and learn from one’s mistakes.

$20.95 4 oz ea
This Flower Remedy is for depression. It contains the flower essences: Gorse, Mimulus, Clematis and Star of Bethlehem. This remedy is used when one has given up all hope and fears the worst outcome. Taken over a period of time, Gorse strengthens the resolve to overcome the challenges of life. Hopelessness is replaced with possibilities.

$10.95 1 oz ea
This Flower Remedy is specific for finding one’s direction in life when many possibilities are available. Wild Oat develops clarity. Honeysuckle puts the past in perspective. Mimulus removes the paralysis one can encounter at any crossroad in life. Clear, decisive and positive are the mental attributes given to this formula.

nervous system

$12.50 2.5oz ea

This bio-food powder feeds and nourishes the nerve and brain cells with mineral tissue salts that are lacking. This can be due to stress, poor diet, lack of exercise and harmful addictions. It contains tissue salts, Kali Phos. and Calc. Phos., and food powders, Arrowroot and Slippery Elm. This food drink restores strength and integrity to the nervous system. NERVE FOOD benefits nervous exhaustion due to the various stresses and traumas of life. This wonderful nerve food can be used in treatment programs for addictions, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s.

$12.50 1 oz eaT
his is a homeopathic preparation of the herb, Aconite. It is used specifically to quiet the mind and induce a restful sleep. This formula is called for when one goes to bed and “the mind just won’t stop chattering.”

$12.50 1oz ea
This unique combination of eastern and western herbs is a natural sedative formula for insomnia. It is soothing and calming to the nervous system. The gift of this formulation is that it is does not leave any residual effect of being “drugged”. The main herbs are Zizyphus, Lemon Balm and Passion Flower. ROCK-A-BYE helps to quiet the body and mind which allows for a refreshing natural sleep. Traditionally, this formula is taken one hour before bedtime.


$20.95 4oz ea

This herb is known for its beneficial effects on the function of the brain, improving cerebral circulation of blood and tones the membranes in the upper part of the body. It can be taken safely over long periods of time and benefits memory, concentration and one’s intellectual capacity. The herb of choice for neurological disorders due to any cause.

body & mind

$20.95 4oz ea

This Body & Mind formula is based on an ancient Chinese formulation. It is designed to strengthen the heart and spleen, tone the blood and energy, calm the nervous system and stabilize the spirit. Codonopsis and Astragalus tone the energy and Zizyphus, Longan and Polygala strengthen the heart. PATHFINDER helps to establish clear, untroubled patterns of thought. It promotes the quality and quantity of the heart’s blood. This creates the opportunity for the individual to see their self-worth. The gift of this formula is its capacity to empower anyone who has fallen victim to hopelesness, loss of self-control and low self-esteem. Empowerment is the word to remember here.

$20.95 4 oz ea
This is a Body & Mind formula. The herbs, on a physical level, invigorate the liver, purge the gall bladder and colon. The heart is calmed and the digestive system is toned. Based on ancient Chinese knowledge, this formula is reputed to alleviate high stress, anger and anxiety. Bupleurum is used to purge the liver while oyster shell and dragon bone calm the nervous system. “Wound up tighter than a knot”, “hot headed”, “fly off the handle” and “a biting tongue” are some of the fitting descriptions which call for the benefits of SOOTHE THE DRAGON.


$8.95 1oz ea

This herbal salve contains as primary herbs, Marshmallow, Slippery Elm, Plantain and Comfrey. ANTISEPTIC DRAWING OINTMENT helps to draw out infections from wounds, cuts and abrasions. One of the added gifts of this formula is its ability to promote the healing of tissues. Wounds that are difficult to heal respond well to this unique formulation.


$12.50 1oz ea

The herbs in this formula, Burdock, Nettle, Red Clover, Plantain and Cleavers, are well known blood and lymphatic alteratives. They alter catabolic tissue conditions which improves the bodies metabolism and the elimination of waste by-products. BLOOD CLEAR cools excess heat and toxicity in the blood and liver while enriching the quality of the blood. All conditions which require a liver detoxification will benefit from this cleansing remedy.

$12.50 1oz ea
This formula corrects metabolic disorders which are responsible for skin disorders like acne. Important herbs in this formula include: Yellow Dock, which improves fat metabolism; Burdock Root clears impurities from the blood; Echinacea checks bacterial growth on the skin; Sarsaparilla harmonizes the hormones. Together, these herbs address the broad issues surrounding blemished skin. When this formula is taken along with a diet rich in vegetables and fruits, a clear healthy complexion will appear.