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Therapeutic Massage by Scott

Sugar Legacy
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sugar legacy

Sugar Legacy formulas deal with all aspects of sugar metabolism, from the root causes to the various physiological complications. The formulas have been developed according to the traditional healing concept which honors the body, mind and spirit.


$20.95 4oz ea

This formula contains herbs, such as Rehmannia, Eucommia, Dendrobium and Periwinkle, which have a general application for hyperglycemia. SUGAR FIRE tones and restores the internal organs of the body while helping to maintain the balance of sugar metabolism. It is an excellent broad base diabetes formula, Type I or Type II, which is included with either Sweet Heaven, Sweet Body or Sweet Earth, depending on ones’ secondary symptoms. With regular use of these herbs, nutritional supplements and a healthy diet, insulin dosages may possibly be reduced.

$20.95 4oz ea

This formula addresses the initial stages of HIGH blood sugar, known as diabetes. Thirst, heat and dry skin are the dominant symptoms. Meadowsweet alkalizes the blood while Wahoo clears the liver. Rehmannia, Ophiopogon and Trichosanthes Root clear the body’s internal heat and help moisten the upper part of the body. These herbs have an effect on the lung, heart and stomach.

$20.95 4oz ea

This formula addresses the secondary stage of HIGH blood sugar. At this stage of the disease, the appetite is effected and digestive disturbances are experienced. A voracious appetite is dominant. Fatigue is common and dryness continues to irritate one’s well-being. Rapid weight gain is experienced at this stage of the disease. Jambul supports the endocrine system. Cranesbill, Codonopsis and Astragalus tone the energy and spleen.

$20.95 4oz ea

This formula addresses the third stage of HIGH blood sugar which effects the lower part of the body. Herbs to tone the liver and kidney are used along with blood activators. The need for more energy and better circulation in the legs is seen at this stage. Secondary side effects are taking place, such as high blood pressure, impotence, blindness and arteriosclerosis. Couch Grass, Cornsilk, Ganoderma, Alisma and Salvia are some of the herbs used in this formula to help slow the progression of this disease.

$20.95 4oz ea

This formula addresses LOW blood sugar levels, commonly called hypoglycemia. The leading herbs, Avena Sativa, Scullcap and Codonopsis, promote a balanced breakdown, assimilation and absorption of sugars which help reduce sugar cravings. SUGAR BLUES, a restorative tonic, helps to maintain sugar metabolism equilibrium and enhance harmonious functioning of the liver, pancreas, stomach and small intestine. High and low energy levels are moderated while supporting a smooth flow of energy during times of exertion and stress.


$10.95 1oz ea

This Bach Flower combination, historically proven invaluable in traumatic and critical situations, contains Star of Bethlehem, Rock Rose, Impatiens, Cherry Plum and Clematis. Together, they address the emotional states which accompany crisis, panic, loss of control and shock. This is a must formula for anyone who is living with a life-threatening disorder.


$10.95 oz ea

This topical herbal lotion is cleansing and healing for sores, skin ulcers, cuts and wounds. It benefits, in particular, chronic lesions of the skin attributed to auto-immune or immune disorders. HEALING LOTION is applied TOPICALLY to the skin and can be used with Echinacea Plus to enhance the healing qualities.

body & mind

$20.95 4oz ea

This Body & Mind formula is a relaxant to the mind and tonic for the nervous system. Avena Sativa, Vervain and Hoelen lead this formula in its ability to relax and restore balance to the brain and nerve cells. It helps in situations of stress, anxiety, a frail and exhausted nervous system, neurasthenia, nervous breakdowns and childhood hyperactivity. TRANQUILLO is a useful adjunct to treatments for delirium tremens and all types of drug withdrawal. Chronic conditions, such as epilepsy, multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s disease, can benefit from this herbal remedy.

$20.95 4oz ea

This Body & Mind formula relieves the liver and harmonizes the digestive system. It relaxes muscular tension and soothes pent-up emotions. Bupleurum, Scute and Peony cleanse the liver while Cinnamon relaxes muscle tissue. CINNAMON HARMONY is a gentle relaxant when one experiences digestive disorders, liver toxicity, tightness in the chest, chronic shoulder tension and headaches. Emotionally, one gets irritated easily and agitated by everything and everyone. Taking this remedy allows a person to flow more easily through the mystery of life and curing the emotional strain of feeling “stuck”.


$20.95 oz ea

Herbs for enhancing blood circulation are Bayberry, Prickly Ash, Hawthorne and Salvia. This formula promotes venous and capillary integrity and warms the extremities. It is a good adjunct formula with all metabolic balance remedies. BLUE LIMBS is used for atherosclerosis, peripheral neuropathy, chilblains, intermittent claudication, varicose veins, cold extremities and Raynaud’s disease.

$20.95 oz ea

This formula has proven to help reduce high blood pressure, known as hypertension. It blends European Lime Flower and European Mistletoe, which are known historically to relieve nervous tension; Yarrow and Salvia to clear the arteries and improve circulation; Eucommia to tone the kidneys. Other herbs are added to tone the heart and liver. BP DOWN addresses the physical and emotional causes of hypertension. It has been traditionally used for arteriosclerosis, high cholesterol, vascular fragility and cardiac distress.