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Therapeutic Massage by Scott

The History of Tantric Massage

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Guide to Tantric Sex


Tantric sexual techniques have been used in India for centuries. The basic idea involves using your natural sexual energy to expand and explore everyday life. Anyone and everyone is capable of tantric sex, all you need is patience and imagination.

The end goal of Tantric sex is to arouse a divine feminine energy in the universe (Shakti) and the most common method used involves developing sexual energy through acts of ritual sexual intercourse in which orgasm doesn't happen. That's right, not coming makes you hornier in the long run. It also increases overall sexual energy, which, if you get really into it, can then be channeled into non sexual activities.

Traditional Recipe For Sextasy (Sexual Ecstacy)

Sextasy is the orgasmic openness achieved in sexual communion. If you want to feel the flow of the life force energy and experience the mind-blowing sensation of kundalini (sexual energy) rising up through your body, the first requirement is an intimate relationship. There's no point trying to get it on with the god inside you if you're nervous or embarrassed with your partner. Energy expansion can be an emotional experience for many people, especially if the experience releases previously blocked off physical energies.

Once you've got with the idea of free and unobstructed feeling, pay attention. Concentration and focus are paramount for a successful Tantric experience. If you're having problems try imagining that your consciousness is a fish swimming through your veins and arteries. Follow its path exploring your bloodstream and resist the urge to think in words.

Let it happen...

Enjoying Tantric sex is about melting tensions and letting go, whilst holding off the peak. A basic ritual is often useful for new explorers.

1. Prepare - get your mind clear of distractions and arrange a quiet place where you will be free to explore pleasure for at least 1 hour. 

2. Both partners should bathe themselves before beginning. This is not just for hygiene purposes - the flow of bio-energies is easier! Only wear clothes made from natural fibers (these don't disturb a person's energy field). Red is the recommended colour.

Spend 15 minutes sitting quietly and breathing. Concentrate on each breath as you inhale. Exhale as slowly as possible. Don't speak while you're doing this, just sit side by side an breathe.

Visualize your partner as the source of all loving, all giving power. Hindus focus on the goddess Shiva, but if you're not familiar with this goddess, create your own version. FYI, you may even focus on male dieties such as Apollo or Balder, etc.

The dominant man then places his hands on his partner's body and visualizes an energy flowing down through his crown, accumulating in the heart region, through his arms and into his palms. First he should touch his partner's heart, then crown, then eyelids, centre of the forehead, hollow of the throat, eyelids, naval, feet, ear lobes and finally his male genital area.

The above ritual completed the couple should lie on a flat surface without touching and naked. A brief period of mutual meditation should be followed by spontaneous foreplay. Throughout, both partners should focus on harmonizing each others energies and resonance. All thoughts should be on the body and its sensations and breath.

Partners should now be able to relax fully into the waves of pleasure. As the energy flow gathers intensity, the urge to talk (or even giggle) may arise. Try to stay afloat and follow the waves of energy to their pleasure peaks without communicating in words.

Orgasm should be avoided for as long as possible and genital contact should remain for as long as possible afterward - to help the energies rebalance. There should be no restrictions on the length of time spent in pursuit sexual fulfillment. Learn to control your orgasm - when you feel release is imminent stop all movement and concentrate on your breathing.

Tantra Massage cont'd