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Therapeutic Massage by Scott


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Your skin reflects your lifestyle. Daily stress and harsh elements like sun. water & dust can take a toll on your delicate skin. It deserves pampering as much as the rest of your body.

Choose from a variety of special treatments to soothe and rejuvenate you skin.



Men's Exclusive Facial



A deep cleanse is followed by a smoothing exfoliation and extractions to remove congestion. Tension is released with a face and shoulder massage while your skin re-hydrates with a customised treatment mask. Finished with moisturising to protect and nourish your skin. Best with a shave the day before.



60 min          $65


Mini Facial


Your choice of any of the facials at half the time with no extractions.


30 min         $40



Male Body Scrub

This is a full body deep skin exfoliation using a warmed mixture of fine sea salt, sweet almond oil and aromatherapy oils. The fine grain sea salt sloughs away dry and dead skin, while the oils moisturises and soften. The stimulation of the salt also increases circulation in the skin, encouraging fresh cell growth, while at the same time assisting with detoxification.


A body scrub is especially beneficial after a massage or sporting activity where it helps to clear away built-up dirt and prevent clogged pores.

Following this treatment, you will be able to take a shower to wash away the salt and excess oils.

 30 min         $40